Skinny Margarita Recipe

July 10, 2017
Margarita ~

Everyone has their favorite Mexican Restaurant – and ours happens to be Mexicali Cantina in Frederick, Maryland.  We used to go there every single Friday night, the owner always would come and chat with us and the wait staff all knew us!   We still go there a lot!  Eating low carb, makes going out for Mexican a little tricky!  They now know, don’t bring us chips, but instead, bring us celery and carrot sticks.  We have them pretty trained, but occasionally, we get a new waitress, and she panics and goes and asks the Manager, and the Manager says, I know who it is – it is fine.

Well, the other thing they are trained on is, Skinny Margarita’s for Russell.  The Bartender happened to wait on us one night, and I told Russell that he should see if they would make him a skinny margarita. So he did, well I did 🙂  Anyway – she said absolutely they had them, and customized it for Russell.  They usually put Agave in them, and we said no he would try it without.  She brought him one, and he loved it.  I tried it, nope can’t do it – I would need some sweetener in there.  So he got another!

She told us how she makes it!  So, we have been making them at home.  I still haven’t had a whole one, but the last one I made, was really good!

Their Regular Margaritas

1.5 shots Tequila

2 shots Daily’s mix

.5 shot Triple Sec

Skinny Margarita

1.5 shots Tequila

juice from 1/2 a lime – about an ounce

.5 shots Triple Sec

splash Grand Marnier

Margarita ~

So now for our tips.

  • 1/2 a lime at Mexicali Cantina, is much different from the 1/2 a lime at the Gastley’s!  That is why she added the “about an ounce” tip, because the next week, I told her – the limes I have aren’t giving me much juice!
  • Buy good booze.  The first tequila we bought, was fine, but the latest stuff, is amazing!  It was pricey – but you know what, life is too short to drink bad tequila, or less good tequila.  We will upgrade the Triple Sec next time 🙂
  • Add Stevia to take out the tartness.
  • Buy Lime Juice in a bottle!  I got this lime juice at an organic market near me, and after Russell had some trial and error, he told me – just do the booze and top it off with the lime juice, don’t even measure it.  I tell you what – it was perfect when I did what he said!
  • When you want to be fancy, salt the rim!

Margarita ~

Margaritas make me think of Cozumel and Mexico, obviously.  Do you remember when we told you about going to Salsa Salsa Margarita in Mexico, before and here.  And we had a lot of margaritas at Excellence!!  We are excited to see what skinny drinks we can get at Finest this year!

You will have to give these a try, and let me know how it goes!

Margarita ~






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