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Fabulous Indeed Turns Two

October 25, 2017

Kerry and I have been blogging for two years!  We don’t actually know the exact date we started but it was mid to late October so here we are celebrating!

Kerry and Crystal on the Highline in NYC

When we first started blogging we didn’t have an exact plan we just felt like the world needed to hear what we had to say.  I still feel that way and we still don’t have a plan.  We have fun with it and that’s about it.

Pelican Grand Resort

It’s been comical to watch our analytics and to see what the most popular posts are!  It’s totally not ones that we would have imagined!  Drumroll for our top three posts!

Aldi Low Carb Elevation by Millville Carb Conscious Bars

Carb bars!  Yep…this is the riveting information that the world obviously needs to know about!  Kerry actually wrote two posts about them because I guess the bars are that good and we are here to give the world what they want.  If they want us to test more food well by all means let’s get to it.

Our Weekend Trip to Helen Georgia

The other top posts are about our trip to Helen, Georgia and the dining guide to Helen.  Again…more food!

Cupcake House on Captiva Island

The blog posts that I thought would be the most popular are just eh on the internet popularity scale.

What have we learned from blogging?  Well, I never knew we would get so excited to have a new subscriber that is a “stranger”!  Someone that isn’t a friend or a family member but someone who found us and likes us on their own.  Yay for that!  We have met other bloggers online and they feel like friends now.  You learn a lot about someone reading their blogs and there are some really great bloggers out there!!

Crystal in Brooklyn

We have also learned that what we think will work doesn’t work and stuff that we throw together manages to stand the test of time.

I’ve also learned that we are better friends than I would imagine.  I’m sure I grate Kerry’s ever lovin nerve on occasion (maybe more than occasionally) but sometimes you test your friendship when you “work” this close on projects and businesses.  We help one another out when needed.  I know when she is busy and I take over and she does the same for me.  So we shall continue with no great plan and continue to yack about life changing things like Ipsy glam bags, reality tv, and new-found restaurants.

We may even have another bloggers weekend like we had in Johnson City.  We need to invite other bloggers along with us because we got off track as usual and ended up doing restaurant tours 90% of the time and blogging about 10% of it.  Maybe others can help up stay on track…if not then they will learn that Kerry and I can dine at five restaurants in a day that should have three meals.

If you have been around for two years then you are fabulous and we thank you!  If you are just finding us, thank you and I hope you like our little blog!  You are fabulous also!

We are off to test more carb bars and raft down the river in Helen.  I mean we have to keep the blog alive somehow and that seems to do the trick.

If you want to be super awesome today follow us on social media too.  Here is to many more years!





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  • Reply BOB October 25, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    I love reading about your food and adventures! Congrats on 2 years.

    • Reply fabulousindeed October 26, 2017 at 9:42 am

      Thank you for being a loyal reader! We appreciate you!

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