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November 14, 2017

Years and years ago Kerry introduced me to blogs.  I had been to some that I found from Google searches and such but I had never really followed a particular blog or blogger.  I was hooked.  Absolutely hooked.  I found a blog for everything and followed it and read their blogs everyday.  It’s funny how you can get to know a person by reading their blog and look forward to their content.

Way back in the day Kerry introduced me to The Pioneer Woman’s blog and I read her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels love story, one blog post at a time!  It’s now a book but it started as the blog.  I fell in love with everything Pioneer Woman.  We couldn’t wait to visit the mercantile this summer!  It was everything we imagined it would be!

I also fell for The Daily Tay’s blog.  Still to this day I love it.  She makes me laugh so much! I have enjoyed following her life from dating, to marriage, to a new house and her growing T-shirt business.  It sounds crazy because I truly don’t know her but she shares her life on her blog and I read it and enjoy the hell out of it.

A Cute Angle is another great blog that I love to read.  Ashley has great articles about the Royal Family!  I love to look at the fashion articles, travel pictures and she covers hard hitting topics like workplace bullying.  Check out her blog I think you will like it.

Another blog that I enjoy reading is My Restless Soul.  If you like books then you will love Miranda’s blog!  She loves books and is an amazing writer.  She is super cool and seems like a fun person to be around!  Miranda also has an adorable little puppy that she shares lots of pictures of!

To get my quilt fix I like to follow Crazy Mom Quilts.  The only problem with reading crafty blogs is that I immediately want to quit whatever I’m doing and go play with fabric and make something fabulous.

Gimme Some Oven is a great food blog!  Isn’t that a great blog name also!  I mostly just look at the food pictures but she has amazing recipes.

Helene in Between is a great blog to read.  Her and her husband saved up and moved to Germany to live last year!  She has an amazing story and it’s fun to see all of her travel pictures now!

I started following Posie Gets Cozy years ago…I mean years and years and years ago.  I found her site while I was looking for a sewing pattern.  The pattern I purchased was amazing by the way!  She is crafty, she is lovely.  Her family is adorable but I love her pictures and stories the most.  Her home is so warm and comfortable.  I mean at least it looks that way in the pictures.  Picture dim lights, quilts, a freshly baked pie on the table.  She knits and sews the most beautiful cloths for her daughter.  Just cruise through her site and see.  I think you will love it also!

I could go on and on about blogs!  Trust me there is a blog for every topic out there and people pour their hearts into blogs.  They are a great source for information.  If you have a favorite blog that I should be hooked on please let me know!








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