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December 27, 2017

Kerry and I always have a travel bucket list whether we are traveling together or with our families.  However, since we have started our own Travel Agency I would say that our travel bucket lists have quadrupled!  I would like to say we could make this a 2018 wish list, but I highly doubt it, my goal (Kerry) will be to cross 2 off of my list – a few items will get 2 off at one time!!!

Crystal’s Travel Bucket List: (in no particular order)

Hawaii – This is the last state that I need to visit to have them all checked off.  Hawaii isn’t that alluring to me but I want to accomplish my list.  I would like to visit on a cruise when I go.

Banff National Park – Honestly I have been mesmerized by Banff since one of the Bachelor or Bachelorettes went there.  I can’t remember which season it was.  It looks absolutely amazing to me.


Iceland – Ok, I’m going to admit that I fell with love with Blue Lagoon spa from watching the Bachelor also.  Their marketing is working on me because I’m a sucker!  Since seeing it on the show I have researched Iceland so much and I wouldn’t mind if it was the next place I traveled to.

Iceland Blue Lagoon

Road Trip – I love a good road trip.  We did a two week trip this summer and I loved it.  I won’t rent a car again but I would like to own a RV for the next one.  A girl can dream.  My kids are really only missing the Northwest corner of the US for their states so I would like to take a road trip there next summer.

Germany – I have a friend that lives in Germany and loves it and I’ve had friends that have traveled there and loved it.  I also have a son and husband that live and breathe cars so I think Germany would be an ideal place to visit.

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania – Damn it.  This is another Bachelor reference.  I need to get out more.  This resort has so much to offer and we love Pennsylvania so this is on my list.  They have an off-road Jeep excursions, spas, tons of outdoor activities and many different other things.  I think everyone in the family could be happy here.

Belle Mont Farms in St. Kitts – I recently learned of this resort and I’m smitten!  It’s lovely and all it’s missing is me!

Of course there are many, many other places I would like to go.  A lot of them are reasonable and somewhat local.  It amazes me how much I’ve traveled yet I have not hardly seen a thing!  Places in the United States that I would like to visit would be the Great Lakes, Nashville, Austin, a river cruise in Oregon, and I would like to visit Maine again.

Kerry’s Travel Bucket List


I have always loved just about every photo that I have seen of Ireland.  Being named Kerry – I am drawn to it as well.  There is a county in Ireland named Kerry.  I love all of the green – my favorite color!


Travel Bucket List

I would love to see the Blue Lagoon, Northern Lights, geo-thermal pools and well just Iceland!

Windmill and Tulip river cruise

Celebrity Cruises has one that I would love to take!!!  And guess what – It goes to Ireland, Iceland and Scotland – that would cross quite a few spots off my list!

New Excellence Resort in Jamaica

Travel Bucket List Excellence Oyster Bay

I have fallen in love with the Excellence Resorts.  I went in 2016, and then we went again this year to one of their properties (stay tuned for information on that trip!).  They are opening a new resort in Jamaica!! I can’t wait to go!

Prince Edward Island – I have wanted to go to PEI since Anne of Green Gables!  I may have even had a crush on Gilbert Blythe!

Travel Bucket List

I would also love to go to Africa, Tahiti (specifically to stay in an above-water bungalow), and I would love to go back to Alaska.

Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List


Where would you like to go?  If you need any help with booking or planning any upcoming travel wishes, just let us know!  We have a team of 9 travel agents working with us!







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  • Reply Ashley December 30, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    Love this list! Nemacolin would be awesome! My husband and I actually looked in to it. I have Hawaii and Tahiti on my list for her. We leave for Ireland in 3 weeks! I’d also like to see The United Arab Emirates.

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle //

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