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January 22, 2018
Keyboard for ipad

I’ve felt the need to up my game in many departments but baby steps are being taken.  Last year I got a really nice pair of classic leather Frye boots.  This year I got a simple classic leather bag.  At this rate by the time I up my game in all the departments that are needed I’ll be 80 years old.  I found this bag in a Duluth Trading Company catalog.  I’ve purchased clothes for my husband from there and they have been great.

Duluth Trading Co Leather Bag

The bag is called an everyday tote.  I like it because it’s very clean lined.  No buckles, no long straps, nothing bulky, just neat and tidy.  I just noticed it’s on clearance for $99.00 and it’s worth every single penny.  It smells divine and the color is beautiful.  I like that it’s simply stored when not in use and the pockets inside are just enough. Things are easy to find inside because it opens widely.  I’m very picky about bags and this is just perfect.

Native Deodorant

My friend told me about this natural deodorant.  I’ve tried some others in the past and just have not liked them at all.  I really like Native and I like that it’s on auto renew so it just shows up in my mailbox!  There are limited edition scents that are fun but I just got the basic!  It’s paraben and aluminum free.  Also, their emails are very fun when you place an order!

Native Deodorant


We wanted a keyboard for the iPad to make it easier to type.  Kerry recommended a few but they were not compatible with our version of the iPad.  I did tons of research but I was still nervous that the keyboard would be cheap and not sturdy.  I based this on the price!  It was $47.99 and I thought that was a such a good price.

Keyboard for ipad

I am happy to report that I’m quite sure this keyboard has been put through the ringer in the last month and it’s going strong.  The keyboard lights up in many colors and the screen swivels so if you are watching a show or something you can turn it for easier viewing.  Also, the keyboard doesn’t take much charging at all!  It comes in many colors also.  We chose rose gold.


Keyboard for ipad

This phone holder was inexpensive and it’s great.  It’s a simple with clean lines.  It has been a great purchase.  I ordered it for my daughter but I need to order a few for me.  One for my desk at work and one for home.

phone holder


I like to vacuum my floors every single day.  Everyday without fail.  I can’t stand for the floors to be dirty so I asked for a new vacuum for Christmas.  Because obviously I’m exciting.  I have to say that I do love it.  It works well and it’s easy to empty!  The last hardwood floor vacuum I had was cordless and had to be charged almost every time I used it so I got one with a cord this time.  The cord isn’t that long so I do have to unplug and move it three times to get the main floor of the house but big whoop.  I can deal.  I would recommend this vacuum if you need a lightweight hardwood floor cleaner that is great for pet hair


I would totally recommend each of these products.  Most of them were Christmas gifts so they have been used and abused for about a month now and I still am happy with everything!






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    GaHHHHHH How have I NOT seen the laptop cover /keyboard?? I need this ASAP!!

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