The Bachelor Arie Season 22 Episode 2

January 24, 2018
The Bachelor Arie

I am so behind, But Here is Episode 2 FINALLY!  I am watching Episode 3 & 4 as fast as I can, and will try to get caught up on the posts, before Episode 5 airs!

One on One Date

Becca gets the first one on one day of the season!  She is getting the “pretty woman”ish date.

The Bachelor Arie Season 22, Episode 2

Rachel Zoe gets to dress her and Arie has jewels and fancy shoes and she gets to keep most of it.  Oddly, she goes home to the Mansion to show off her goodies to get ready for the night portion of the date!  I don’t understand why the dress was chosen, as it really really wasn’t the best one.  But whatever.  Becca shows up for the date in her jewels, spiked heels that I LITERALLY would break my neck in and her ugly dress.

The date felt natural, and they seem to really like each other.

The Bachelor Arie Season 22, Episode 2

Becca gets a rose!

One on One Date

The Bachelor Arie Season 22, Episode 2

Krystal gets the other one on one date tonight, and people seemed surprised that there was another 1 on 1.  They fly on a private jet to Scottsdale, his home!  Whoa, that seems fast!   Of course, if you have ever seen any episodes/season of the Bachelor/ette you know the lead takes the date to his high school. WHY?  I mean really, my high school has very little to do with anything about me.  If I was taking my boyfriend back to my hometown, I don’t think we would go check out my high school and walk down the halls.  I mean isn’t Arie in his late 30’s?  High school was a LONG time ago.

Anyway, they hand out at his house, and watch, you guessed it kid Arie videos.  Cause why not.

We end up going to his parents house, cause again, why not, it isn’t like this is your FIRST date.

The Bachelor Arie Season 22, Episode 2

At dinner, Krystal tells Arie, her upbringing was less traditional than his was.  She tells Arie about her parents divorce, and that her dad wasn’t in her life.  Then that her brother his homeless.

I guess they seem to like each other.  I was sort of bored.

Krystal gets a rose.

I do remember thinking, Krystal should have brushed her hair.  It was a mess.

Group Date

The Bachelor Arie Season 22, Episode 2

Maquel, Marikh, Tia, Valeria, Annaliese, Lauren G., Kendall, Bekeh, Jenny, Seinne, Jenna, Caroline, Brittany, Bibiana & Chelsea are going on the date.  This date will be a Demolition Derby!  Before their date, the ladies grill Krystal about her date, and she basically says none of your beeswax.

At the derby, the ladies find out they get to decorate their cars, and then proceed to ram into each other and the last car standing/running wins.  We see Annaliese crying off to the side.

The Bachelor Arie Season 22, Episode 2

Turns out she had a traumatic incident, with bumper cars.  I admit, I may have chuckled, but hey to each their own.  I have a huge fear of car accidents, so I am guessing I wouldn’t love that date either.  Anyway some of the ladies thought maybe she did this on purpose to get attention, and that it worked.

Seinne won and got a trophy!  For the evening portion of the date, we learn that one of the girls, Brittany was injured in the car ramming date and was at the hospital.  Sheesh!  Maybe that wasn’t the best date idea!

The Bachelor Arie Season 22, Episode 2

Chelsea pounces on Arie immediately asks Arie to come chat.  She tells him about her son.  Arie took it like a champ, and seemed excited about it.

Arie gets some one on one time with Seinne, and whoa she is smart!  I don’t understand why she came on this show!  And he then hangs out with Bekeh and they MAKE OUT A LOT, and graphically!

Bibiana, is unraveling and getting way stressed out.  She is upset she hasn’t spent much time with him, and she hollers at the cameramen for following her around.  Um sweetie, you are on a tv show….that you tried out for, this is their job!

Rose Ceremony

Arie is concerned about Brittany, and checks in with her and spends some time with her, and makes out.  You know kissing, always heals a concussion!  She does get a certificate saying she was the most hardcore.  LAME.

We play tonsil hockey with Bekeh some more, and we all get to watch.  shew.  I am not sure these two have anything other than infatuation with each other, but it is clearly there.

The Bachelor Arie Season 22, Episode 2

We have lots of interrupting each other, including interruptions by people with roses already, that doesn’t go over well.  Cue Bibiana.  She is very upset, especially with Krystal for interrupting her time with Arie.  She pretty much tells her off.

The Bachelor Arie Season 22, Episode 2

Becca, Krystal & Seinne all have roses.  Maquel, Jacqueline, Bekah, Jenna, Chelsea, Lauren S., Tia, Annaleise, Lauren B., Kendall, Brittany, Ashley, Marikh, Caroline and Bibianna get roses.


Jenny, Valerie and Lauren G.  Go home.

The Bachelor Arie Season 22, Episode 2

I seriously can’t gauge a reaction to these girls yet, there are just SOOO MANY of them.  I don’t think I like Chelsea or Krystal, and the producers definitely want us to think they go far.  Do you have a front runner yet?




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