The Bachelorette Becca Episode Three Recap

June 13, 2018
Bachelorette Becca Episode Three

The best one liner of episode three was from Jordan.  He said he was in David’s head now and he should be paying rent.  Jordan can be irritating for sure and someone should be keeping count on how many times he has mentioned that he is a model but I think he has some good one liners.  Therefore, I would like for him to stick around awhile longer for entertainment purposes.  I personally don’t think he has a chance with Becca but we shall see.

Bachelorette Becca Episode Three

David is still being a little baby.  Dude, I told you last week to knock it off.  He is obsessed with Jordan and it’s not attractive.  Every season there seems to be a guy that just won’t drop an argument with another guy on the show and it never ends in their favor.  They played up his injury in the previews to be something dramatic.  Who would have thought that the injury came from falling out of a bunk bed.

Garrett was surprising on the football field.  I’m going to call it and say he is in the final four.  I’m also going to predict that Blake will in the final four.  She seems to still be smitten with him.

Bachelorette Becca Episode Three

She decided that she would keep Colton around even though she was nervous that he might have been on the show hoping that Tia would be the bachelorette.  News flash Becca all of these guys were probably approved and signed up for the show long before they knew it was you.  Most of them were probably hoping it would have been any number of other girls but they got you and they seemed thrilled so move on with it. Besides Colton seems to be a keeper regardless.

Becca had a one on one date with Chris to Capital Records.  I personally thought the entire date was a giant snooze button.  I don’t care for him and the date was boring.  I didn’t even watch the dinner portion.  I’m so darn sick of hearing the words, vulnerable, tearing down walls, opening up.  I mean at every single dinner or date on every season they have to say these buzz words.  Please make it stop.  For these reasons alone…please never let me be in the position where I have to date again and use these idiotic words.  I just won’t do it.  I will not be vulnerable.  I will build walls and I will shut down out of spite.

Bachelorette Becca Episode Three

The worst part of the night was hearing that Clay went home.  I mean, I get why he did it but darn it almighty.  Why?  Why my favorite guy?  I have a list of others that I would like off my tv but he could have stayed.  Before he went home he showed Becca his tough guy side on the football field.  He is a good one.  Keep him in mind for the Bachelor.

Becca has kept both the guys with the long hair although we never really see her speak to Mike.  He might just pop out of nowhere towards the end and be in the top four.  I’ll be wild and crazy and bet on that.

There wasn’t a rose ceremony this week so I guess we will see that next week.  At this point I think the final four will be: Garrett, Blake, Colton, and my wild card is Mike.

My pick for her is Garrett.



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