The Bachelorette Becca Episode Two Recap

June 6, 2018
The Bachelorette Becca - Episode Two

The guys are getting settled into the mansion and it’s nice to see them in regular clothes hanging out versus all dressed up on night one. This always gives me better insight into their style or lack of.  Sometimes these guys look to prettied up on night one and they all start to look the same.  The first date was a group date which included an obstacle course.  Rachel and her guy were there to help.  Rachel seems a bit annoying since her show ended.  When she first started her season I loved her and was so excited but since she was on the winter olympics show as a judge and this one she just seems a bit over the top and annoying.  Just my opinion….and this is just the beginning of my opinions so buckle up.

The Bachelorette Becca - Episode Two

Lincoln started out fine in my book.  Seemed nice enough but my opinion of him has 100% changed since this episode.  First off it seems as though he didn’t stay in the cold water as long as he should have.  They did a close up of the timer and a couple of guys pointed it out.  Also, he pushed the guy near the end.  I’ve got zero time for a cheater and it seems like he needed to cheat to win so no thank you.  Also, later in the evening he kept being annoying with his picture.  It pissed Connor off so badly that Connor threw the picture outside and broke the frame/ glass, etc.  I don’t agree with Connor doing that at all and I’m actually shocked that he was able to recover from that move but he did.  Here was the last straw for Lincoln.  The next day he was literally.  LITERALLY.  still crying about the broken picture.  Dude.  I’m going to need you to man up a bit and shut the crying down.  He kept saying that the picture meant soooooo much to him and blah blah.  Dude, again you just met this girl and if you are that obsessed with her and the picture then that seems fake, or needy or desperate.  None of which are good. Surely, you have some other great things going on in life that you don’t need to sit around crying about this picture.  Also, I didn’t care for him trying to play up the victim role so much with Becca.  I get it that Connor threw his picture but let Connor pay for that. Don’t go being a big ole baby about it.  So, if you can’t tell already Lincoln is not on my favorites list.

The Bachelorette Becca - Episode Two

Somebody that is jumping higher on the favorites list is Clay for many reasons.

  1. He is good on the eyes.
  2. He is calming with the way he speaks.
  3. He handled that cold water like a champ…again nice and calm.
  4. He seems genuine and has stayed out of drama.
  5. He is delightful on the eyes.

The Bachelorette Becca - Episode Two

The one on one date went to Blake.  He is totally not a looker in my opinion but darn if his personality didn’t make it cuter and cuter through the night.  They seemed to have a fun date together smashing items from Becca’s past.

The Bachelorette Becca - Episode Two

He will probably be one to watch because they seem to hit it off big time.  She seemed smitten with him at the end of the night.

The Bachelorette Becca - Episode Two

The other group date consisted of the guys playing dodge ball.  At first they were in a gym with some bossy kids.  Was anyone else worried that the strings holding the whistles around the kids necks were going to get pulled into the 100 mph ball thrower thing?!?!  I kept telling them to back away from the machine and wondering why they weren’t listening to me!  Damn it.  I needed a whistle.  Safety first people.

Criston didn’t go easy on Becca and she liked that.  I like him…he is the basketball guy.  He seems very nice and has a good personality.  Leo was the man of the night playing dodgeball though!  He had on that hot pink outfit with his long hair but he was working it and outlasted all the other guys on his team over and over.  It was classic when he stopped to put his hair in a bun.  I guess when the man bun goes up things are about to get real.

The Bachelorette Becca - Episode Two

During the evening Colton had to let Becca know that he dated Tia in January for a weekend!  I think he handled it well and it was nice that he brought it up.  She was torn over it but said she was drawn to him.  I know Becca.  I know.  I’m glad she kept him on there.  He seems nice enough and a lot more stable than some of the other guys.

During the cocktail party Jordan (the male model) decided it was best to strip to his underwear and go forth like that.  I mean, I could care less and I don’t see why the other guys were bothered by it either.  Most weren’t bothered except for David (the chicken suit guy).  I liked David last week but the more he whined and whined and whined this week about the underwear he dropped much lower on the list.  I seriously can’t deal with men who whine more than me.  Shut it and do something productive.

And…we can’t leave out this poor guy.  I almost feel bad for him because I saw his picture used on Facebook yesterday as memes and it wasn’t good!  He was sent packing and I know he was disappointed and tired but the ugly cry came out with force. Bless him.  He seemed like a good enough guy and had a funny one liner earlier in the episode but he is forever on film with that cry.

The Bachelorette Becca - Episode Two

So, let me see who my favorites are….

If it were me picking for myself it would be: Clay, Garrett, Leo, Colton, Mike.  Some of these are based on looks some are personality.  I’m married for like 98 years now so I can innocently play these dumb picking games.  Right?

Who do I think she will pick?  An early guess would be Garrett.

Who do I want her to pick? Maybe Blake.

It’s still early on, some of these guys have barely spoken so things can change.  For instance Mike.  I will describe him as the blond guy with the long hair / man bun .  He must be nice because he keeps picking him but has he ever spoken?





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