About Us

Welcome to Fabulous Indeed.  We are Kerry and Crystal. We met in 1979 and have been great friends ever since.  We unfortunately haven’t lived in the same state since 1987 but we never lost contact.  We both work full-time but still find plenty of time to travel and hope to explore the world one day.

Crystal in Brooklyn, NY

Crystal In Brooklyn, NY

Crystal- Mom of two kids.  Married to high school sweetheart.  Married for 80 years.  Kidding.  I think we are at 22 years.  He still puts up with me.  Dreaming of selling everything I own and living in a tent.  More likely a tiny home or an RV.  Can’t wait to hike the entire Appalachian trail.  Loves fast cars but loves slow Volkswagens more.  Can’t sit still.  Talks too much. Loves to travel.

Kerry on Vacation

Kerry in Key West


Kerry- Can tell you almost anything about pop culture and old movies.  Married to Russell.  Has a spoiled dog named Rugur.  Interesting fact…Kerry can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue.  Knows every person she ever went to school with.

Kerry is the beauty product guru!  You can find many of her product reviews here!  Crystal can often be found sitting at the sewing machine and shares some tutorials here.  Travel is our real gig and we research it like it’s our real jobs!  You can check out some of our vacations and reviews here.

We live life fabulously and want to share it with you!

Crystal & Kerry

On Captiva Island, Florida

Pelican Grand Resort

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida


“Skiing” at Copper Mountain

Crystal & Kerry at the W Hotel Downtown Atlanta

At The W Hotel Downtown Atlanta